Our Leaders
100 Club, National Marketing Directors

Dr. Mitra Ray
Scientist, Yogini, Foodie

Dougie Barlow

Man of Leisure, Road Less Travelled

Joy Kelly

Fitness Professional, Former National Aerobics Champion

Sandy Campbell
Urban Farmer, Beach Volleyball Obsessed

Nicole Scott

Holistic Nutritionist, Gorgeous Grey Movement

Larry Barnes

Entrepreneur, Adventure Sportsman

National Marketing Directors

Amy Meier
Air Force Officer, Fitness Professional, Mompreneur

Lynsey Wight 

Personal Trainer, 

Girl Mom & Fire Wife 

Karen Schobel

Nutrition Success & Devoted "Agri-Wife"

Jake Kelly
Elite Athlete,
Champagne Obsessed

Colleen Wilkinson 

Engineer, MBA

Healthy Mom, Loves Tennis!

Carolyn Carman

Healthy Living Advocate,

Partner in Possibilities and Greatness

Destia Skinner
Naturopathic Doctor,
Lover of all Things Fun

Sheila Tomerlin

Nonprofit Founder &

Paddle Board Enthusiast

Lindsay Hahl

NMD, Mom of 3, Personal Trainer

Firefighter Wife

Nicole Nichols
Wellness Advocate, CEO of My Life

Mary Bauer

Compassionate Mom on a Mission 

Ali Schneider

Personal Trainer, Boy Mom

Coach's Wife

Sara Mokhtar
Former National Level Fitness Athlete, Holistic Junkie

Lori Fabian
Healthy “Make It Happen” Gal

Barb Shultz

Healthy Living Advocate, Hiker/SkiBabe

Christie Nix

Cinematographer, Indoor Skydiving Junkie

AJ Majors
Health Influencer, Hot Yoga Junkie 

Melissa Hyde
Personal Trainer, Chocoholic 

Jenn Brennan

Mama of 3 Sweet Babes,

Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Extraordinaire

Sarah Beardmore
Healthy Living Mama, Cross-Fitter 

Diana Bass
Passionate Health Advocate,
Loves Dark Chocolate 

Radka Prusha

Cancer Researcher, Holistic Nutritionist & Nature Lover

Christie Tom
Plant Power Enthusiast, Puzzle Master

Kathy Buck
Passionante Grandmother Inspiring Health, Loves to Travel

Toni & Jeff Olson

Parents on a mission, Entrepreneurs

Former USOC Staff & Olympian

Tom Wildt
Fit Pro, Classic Sports Movie Buff

Jackie Moran
Hiker, Kayaker, Traveler

Mary Gankiewicz Foley
A “Nourish-to-Flourish” Grandma &
Book Club Junkie!

Christen Hillmer
Traveler, Outdoor Enthusiast,
Eternal Optimist

** The Juice Plus Company does not claim to mitigate or cure any specific disease or condition. Juice Plus is not a weight loss product or program, those people who have experienced weight loss with Juice Plus have added the Juice Plus and made some lifestyle changes. The above stories are simply a result of healthy living and good nutrition and are unique to the person sharing them. We do not promise these results for each person as everyone is different. However we do have many published, clinical research studies that can be referenced to show the benefits of Juice Plus in the human body. Please visit this site for more information: 


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