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rREST  Coaches

rREST Accredited Coaches provide stress-reduction therapy and consulting services in the field of mental wellness and personal growth. 

Christie Nix - NMD

Christie is a servant of others who combines passion, experience, and proven techniques to lovingly guide them towards optimal health and human performance, triumph over trauma, and improvement of overall well-being.

Specialties: optimal health, performance, and overall well-being

Joy Kelly.jpg
Joy Kelly - PMD+

Joy is a biologist, ACE certified fitness professional, Institute for Integrative Nutrition certified health coach, and champion for change: yours, hers, and the planets. Joy brings 30+ years of experience in helping people transform their lives by transforming their well-being to this exciting modality of rREST.

Specialties: athletes, entrepreneurs, and professional women who feel stuck, complacent or confused

Nicole Scott - PMD

Nicole is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Entrepreneur, and Author. Her mission is to inspire women to LOVE their bodies and help them live their best lives.

Specialties: Addiction, Self Love, and Money Mindset

Melissa Hyde - IMD

Melissa is a passionate holistic trainer who walks the walk. Her authenticity in coaching in person or online is clear because her words are real and her experience is real. She has parlayed her 34 years of training in the world of physical fitness into the world of coaching others to diffuse blocks and improve their lives.
Working with Melissa is like adding rocket fuel to your journey.

Specialties: Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Athletes 

Destia Skinner - NMD

Dr. Destia Skinner, as a Naturopathic Doctor practicing integrative medicine over two decades, will guide you to transform your unwanted states of being into positive states which will allow you to integrate more fully to achieve your desired life of success and vibrant health.


Specialties: Feeling vibrant through hormone flux in peri/menopause, anxiety and Mindset as a key to healing

Amy Meier - NMD

Amy is a compassionate military officer dedicated to serving others and passionate about helping people use proven techniques to become their best personal and professional authentic selves.

Specialties: Corporate Leadership, Military (Active Duty, Veterans, and their families), Entrepreneurs and Athletes

Christen Hillmer - NMD

Christen Hillmer wants to help you catch your dreams by finding ease and simplicity on the journey. She’s passionate about helping you chase alignment to bring more joy into whatever you’re desiring – anything is possible!

Specialties: balancing self-doubt, upleveling working professionals, life upgrades & expansion

Charity Secord - SC

Charity brings her passion and purpose together by supporting others in their journey of reconnecting the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health and well being. Through her own healing and life discoveries, she brings a unique understanding and ability to lovingly guide clients to a place of strength, stability, and self-love.

Specialties: Body Image, Vitality, Anxiety, Breaking cycles of abuse (self, generational, relationships)

Yvette Montoya - P+

Yvette left a successful career in corporate America to focus on being a mother.  She is now a mind-body coach, empowering people to become the best version of themselves. She conducts sessions in both English and Spanish.

Specialties: Emotional Eating, Grief after Loss, Professionals or Parenting who feel stress & stuck

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