Customer Care

​It is so important to care about and educate your customers. If you do this properly throughout their first year on the product you will have a lifelong customer and maybe even a future team member! Please schedule the following reminders into your phone calendar as soon as you sign up your new customer...


Sign Up Day:      

  • Put in Customer Order 

  • Do New Questionnaire Survey 

  • Check how they would like you to communicate with them?  Eg. Voxer, text, FB messenger email


Month 1: Check in every few days – quick note to make sure they are taking JP daily:

First Week:    

  • Thank them for their order and for choosing a health journey with Juice Plus

  • Check in – did they:

        -  Receive their product? 

        -  Do they have any questions?


Day 10 – Check in:

  • Are they taking full Juice Plus dose?  

  • Any questions?  

  • Have you received the emails from Juice Plus? 

  • When do they take their Juice Plus – give suggestions if they aren’t taking it regularly – such as putting it by their toothbrush, take before morning coffee etc.

Day 30 –     

Month 2 - 4: Check in at least once or twice as a message, text, call or selfie video. 

  • Have they formed a habit?  

  • Have they noticed any changes? (point out examples; better sleep, bowels, mood)

  • Text one of the images below:


Day 60 -     Congratulate them for consistency with taking JP+   

  • Have they noticed any results? 

  • Send “What is Juice Plus” video as a reminder of why to continue being consistent (, invite to event

  • Invite to join our mission, you can send one of the following images to start the conversation:


Day 90 –    

  • Thank them and congratulate them for consistency with taking JP+   

  • Ask them questions from JP+ Experience Survey for results

  • Do they share their experiences with others or know others that would benefit.  

  • Would they be interested in hosting a party?

  • Share the family plan and invite to join our mission.

  • Remind them their next shipment will ship ____________.   


** After they have received their second box; mail them a card, call them or send a selfie video to thank them for being a loyal customer and then continue to check in with them about once per month.

*** After they have accepted their third box; mail them a card with a $20.00 Starbucks/Tim Horton’s card. Trust that this gesture goes a long way and is very well appreciated!

**The Juice Plus Company does not claim to mitigate or cure any specific disease or condition. Juice Plus is not a weight loss product or program, those people who have experienced weight loss with Juice Plus have added Juice Plus and made some lifestyle changes. The above stories are simply a result of healthy living and good nutrition and are unique to the person sharing them. We do not promise these results for each person as everyone is different. However, we do have many published, clinical research studies that can be referenced to show the benefits of Juice Plus in the human body. Please visit this site for more information:

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