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January Events

  • Tuesday, January 5: Emotional Wellness pw: beach

  • Wednesday, January 6: Spanish Tower Garden Call

  • Thursday, January 7: Nutrition & Anxiety pw: beach

  • Sunday, January 10: Pelvic Floor 101 pw: sweetlife

  • Tuesday, January 12: Balance Your Hormones pw: sweetlife

  • Thursday, January 14: Why Diets Don't Work 

  • Thursday, January 14: Dr. David Phillips JPTV

  • Friday, January 15: ATD Q&A

  • Saturday, January 16: The Time is Now Regional

  • Wednesday, January 20: Unlock the Key to Building a Healthy and Stable Business

  • Thursday, January 21: Women's Health Pre and Post Natal

  • Friday, January 22: ATD Q&A

  • Sunday, January 24: Shred10 Lifestyle pw: sweetlife

  • Tuesday, January 26: A Candid Conversation about Cancer pw: Wholeness

  • Thursday, January 28: Solomon Simmons JPTV

  • Friday, January 29: ATD Q&A

  • Sunday, January 31: Clean Up the Toxins pw: sweetlife

January Flyers

**The Juice Plus Company does not claim to mitigate or cure any specific disease or condition. Juice Plus is not a weight loss product or program, those people who have experienced weight loss with Juice Plus have added Juice Plus and made some lifestyle changes. The above stories are simply a result of healthy living and good nutrition and are unique to the person sharing them. We do not promise these results for each person as everyone is different. However, we do have many published, clinical research studies that can be referenced to show the benefits of Juice Plus in the human body. Please visit this site for more information:

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